About Us

Generally I’m a laid back individual – and I like to read the news as much as the next guy. Also, comedy is my defense mechanism so I’ve got that going for me, too.

But lately the news is polluted with this rhetoric that is so blatantly… ridiculous… it seriously stresses me out. Then you know what happens next – everyone’s laughing until it just ain’t funny anymore.

Everything I read these days has a common theme – utter disrespect, disregard, and serious dysfunction. Followed closely by distraction, disruption, and dismay. I think we’re well beyond disbelief at this point. I can think of a few other giant D-words that are major factors though.

When in the company of people I have long respected I am far too often dumbfounded by the abundance of cult followers. They have no facts, they don’t care what the facts are – they are being given their chance to rise up and unite under the flag of oppression that they have seen others wave in their faces for so long. They wear their ill-begotten righteousness as a shield to truth. As Rudi Guilliani recently said, “Truth isn’t truth”… and it may not be anymore. The Teflon Don is spinning whoppers at an increasing rate and people are eating them up like cheeseburgers in bed.

With the arbitrary fanaticism going around like NFL fever, I feel suddenly compelled to make use of this abundance of ridiculum. I refuse to avoid the news and there is so much misinformation it is hard not to choke on it. The country was bored with prosperity alone and went looking for a cult – and they found a dangerous one. It would be wrong to do nothing while powerful people’s version of “great” is a complete 180 of my own and is dismantling every last scrap of that precious vision. So I’ve decided I’ve had enough – I need the therapy and for some strange reason our economy is wonderful but I can’t afford traditional psychiatrists. So, I’m left with taking it out on the internet – to scream into the void as it were. Trump – this is directly your fault. My anxiety has spiked and I have little other choice.

And if the universe decides that tomorrow is the day it all comes crumbling down just so it can prove to me, as it constantly does, that my efforts are too little too late, then I say bring it. Because that would mean that I can care about what’s going on in the world again without cringing at the estimation of how likely we are to be invaded or nuked or purged, and without having to control the gag-reflex from getting sucked into the petty reality tv psycho-drama that is the current administration’s domination of the news cycle.

So, yeah – as I said, I’m USUALLY pretty laid back.

Trump said at a rally yesterday that he would rather have fake news than censored social media. That little gem of absolute ironic truth may have been the straw that broke the donkey’s back.

– the complete jackass